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FAQs - Special Occasions

Q. How much does a cruise cost?
A. First, select one of our packages, which are priced per person.  There are also a variety of enhancements for you to choose from.  Add the 20% service charge and 8.25% sales tax and you are done! For Wedding Packages just look at the price per person listed and multiply it by the number of guests you are expecting.

For pricing your Private Party Package or Wedding Party Package please give us a call.

Q. How do I reserve a yacht?
A. A signed Charter Agreement and a Deposit are required to take the yacht off the calendar for your event.

Q. How much is the deposit?
25% of the proposal amount is due if your cruise is more than 90 days away.
50% of the proposal amount is due if your cruise is less than 90 days away.
100% of the Proposal Amount due 14 days prior to your cruise.

Q. When is my Guaranteed Guest Count due?
A. Charterer shall notify Star Fleet no less than 21 days prior to Charter Date with the Guaranteed Guest Count, menu and beverage selection, and any other services. Once the "Guaranteed Guest Count" is given, the number of guests cannot be lowered. Charterer may increase the number of guests given in the "Guaranteed Guest Count" by no more than 20%. If Charterer increases the guest count by more than 20% OR increases the guest count within four (4) business days of the cruise, Charterer is responsible for the additional per person costs plus a 25% fee on the additional amount. Payment for additional guests is required prior to cruise departure. Services requested while cruising (i.e. additional cruising time) are payable upon completion of the cruise.

Q. When is the final payment due?
A. Your Final Payment is due prior to cruising. Unlike the Guaranteed Guest Count which is due 14 days prior to your cruise, the Final Payment is for any increases in your guest count or additional services ordered after your Guaranteed Guest Count has been given.

Q. Can I hold the yacht for a few days until I decide to book it?
A. Yes, your salesperson can put a “Right of First Refusal” (RFR) on the yacht for a few days. HOWEVER, if another party is ready to book the yacht, you will have 24 hours to either put up a deposit and sign a Charter Agreement or release the date. The salesperson will try to reach you however if they are unsuccessful, the date will be released to the other party.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. If you need to cancel your cruise or change the date or time of your cruise the following amount will be retained by Star Fleet as liquidated damages:

0 to 30 days prior to cruise-75% of Guaranteed Total (Proposal Amount, if no guarantee was given)
31 to 90 days prior to cruise-50% of Proposal Amount
Over 90 days prior to cruise-25% of Proposal Amount

Q. When can we board the yacht?
A. Guests may board the yacht thirty minutes prior to departure. The yacht returns fifteen minutes prior to the end of the cruise to allow for disembarkation of the guests. An overtime charge will be assessed if passengers have not departed in the allotted time.

Q. Can we decorate the yacht?
A. Yes. The yacht will be available to decorate one hour prior to the guests arriving. No sticky tape, confetti, thumb tacks or other items that damage the yacht finish or require extra clean up. You are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of any decorations. Clean-up of decorations must be completed within 1/2 hour after the end of the cruise. A "set up and/or clean up fee" will be assessed if the crew’s assistance is required. Star Fleet must approve of any decorations you have planned for your event.

Q. Where does the yacht leave from?
A. The yachts depart from Star Fleet’s Private Kemah Marina. Boarding at other docks in Clear Lake requires an additional dockage fee. Boarding in Houston or Galveston is available for an additional two hours evening vessel fee plus applicable dockage fees. (Not available on Saturdays)

Q. Where does the yacht cruise?
A. The yacht typically goes through the Clear Creek Channel, by the Kemah Boardwalk then out a few miles into Galveston Bay. For the second half of the cruise, the yacht returns by the Boardwalk again on its way to Clear Lake where it cruises past million dollar yachts and homes before returning to Star Fleet Marina in Kemah.

Q. What If It Rains?
A. As much as we wish we could, we can’t control the weather. But we’ve done the next best thing. All our yachts are climate controlled.

Q. Will I Get Seasick?
A. It is VERY unlikely. We cruise Clear Lake and Galveston Bay and if the Bay is at all choppy, we can cruise the shallow protected waters of Clear Lake.

Q. What if the weather is too bad to cruise?
A. There are only a few days a year when it might be unsafe to leave the dock due to high winds. In that case, the vessel would remain dockside yet the party would continue as normal. Usually however it is just a cold front passing through and the Captain might wait 15-30 minutes to let it pass before leaving the dock.

Q. How Is The Food?
A. Star Fleet cuisine is created and prepared by our very own chefs. On a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the best, our food score average has been a 96 for the past 5 years.

Q. Can I bring my own entertainment?
A. Yes, you may bring your own entertainer however there is a $100 offsite vendor fee and Charterer must assume all liability for any incident involving the entertainer.

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